Awakening the Human Form in African American Art

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Hampton Art Lovers and Art of Black Miami Creative Conversations invites you to join us as we learn about the artistic vision of a master

Hampton Art Lovers and Art of Black Miami Creative Conversations invites you to join us as we learn about the artistic vision of master sculptor Basil Watson and curator Christopher Norwood of Hampton Art Lovers, moderated by Rosie Gordon-Wallace of Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator. This event is free and open to the public with lite bites provided.

Basil Watson

Master Sculptor Basil Watson is currently showcasing his artwork at the Historic Ward Rooming House Gallery: “Awakening, Sculpture and Drawings by Basil Watson”. The exhibition, curated by Hampton Art Lovers, captures the essence of Basil's unique style. Watson describes his art as “The harmonious expression of one’s vision of life.” This personal description of his lifelong passion is what defines him. For more than 40 years, he has been translating life's most important themes - positive emotions and attitudes, the spirit of freedom and spontaneity, strength, beauty, energy and vigor - into finely crafted works of art.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, and the son of internationally renowned painter, Barrington Watson, who was the first student of color to attend the Royal Academy in London. It was a natural progression for Basil Watson to study at the Jamaica School of Art. Upon graduation, he went on to establish a successful career as Jamaica's leading sculptor. The Government of Jamaica awarded Basil the Order of Distinction (Commander) in recognition of his contributions in the field of art. The most notable of his achievements include having monumental works installed on three of campuses of Jamaica's primary universities. He has also had signature works presented/installed at two of the Island's major stadiums. 

Most recently Basil created monumental works for his island home honoring accomplished Jamaican athletes, including Olympic champions Usain Bolt and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce amongst others. Basil is currently working on a 12 foot sculpture of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. commissioned by the City of Atlanta.

In “AWAKENINGS”, Basil connects, not just the beauty, but also the strength and power of women in asserting their position in the world: “It is an awakening of gender, of nations, of races, of classes of people to recognize that they, the nurturers of life are supreme and central to our existence where we have more in common than differences.” - Master Sculptor, Basil Watson

“Hampton Art Lovers believes that the human form is often forgotten as a true artistic subject, without the vanity that so often obscures it. Basil Watson reminds us of the inherit artistry in humanity through his amazing ability to capture the human form. For Watson 'spirits' lift the human form to life. This is the “Awakening” he illustrates through his work and thus is the title of our exhibition.” - Christopher Norwood, co-Founder of Hampton Art Lovers

Art of Black Miami Creative Conversations

Art of Black Miami is a marketing platform and destination driver that showcases the diversity of the visual arts locally, nationally and internationally, celebrating the black diaspora. This initiative highlights the artistic cultural landscape found in Miami's heritage neighborhoods and communities year-round throughout Greater Miami and the Beaches. To further their efforts, Art of Black Miami hosts “Creative Conversations”, to promote and support excellence in the visual arts, by creating a series of art talks and panels that discuss experiences in Contemporary art made and shared in Miami. The series will engage artists, art scholars, professionals and community leaders in important dialogs and discussions that impact Miami’s art community and environment of the black diaspora. The series is hosted and Moderated by Rosie Gordon-Wallace, the esteemed African diaspora fine art enthusiast, curator and founder of Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator. 

Hampton Art Lovers

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