Hampton Art Lovers

Hampton Art Lovers' mission is to accentuate the inspirational unifying and enriching aspects of African American Fine Art in new and old settings. We are passionate supporters of Hampton University's long-standing commitment to African-American art, the Hampton University Museum Collection, and the International Review of African American (Published by the University since 1976) and beyond.

Hampton Art Lovers believes that the understanding of culture, whether our own or others is becoming increasingly valuable. We live in a knowledge economy where rapid demonetization, in which technology is rendering previously expensive products and services much cheaper-or even free. Learning hard is the knowledge economy currency. Hampton Art Lovers believe that through culture and education we can improve our community, our university and the world.

We advocate for Black arts by creating a collective of supporters committed to sharing the work of artists whose creativity and self-expression inspires our community. We hope to be the spear that leads a movement for Black creativity so we can imagine a world that doesn't yet exist; so we can then work for what is to come.